A test subject's 'breed' actually refers to induced mutations through some processes at the facility. Breeds are based on other animals, and primarily affect physical appearances; however, a Test Subject's breed can also have affects on their Statistics.


Dependant on the individual, breed traits can be thought to take up spaces on one's body. Certain breed selections can either co-exist or overwrite pee-existing breed selections. Some examples of co-existing breed selections that have been seen are TS1 selecting Fox/Rabbit at the beginning, as well as ETLUC's not entirely willing selection of Bird/Snake.

Current seen spaces for breed traits (where applicable) are as follows;

  • Ears
  • Mouth/Muzzle
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Tail

Additions can vary widely, but additions of a muzzle, a tail and/or claws, visible ears and modifications to dental structure seem like common basic effects.

Breed selectionEdit

Currently the only way that has been seen to choose one's breed are the buttons within each starter room, after Gender selection. Subjects are presented with a set of buttons (Only four have been seen in some varying arrangements, though some may have more or fewer), which they then press to receive breed traits.

Known breedsEdit


Stat increases

Stat decreases

Bird Unknown Unknown
Cat Unknown Unknown
Dog Unknown Unknown
Fox Unknown Unknown, presumed Abstinence decrease
Goat Unknown Unknown
Mouse Unknown Unknown
Rabbit Unknown, presumed Speed increase Unknown, presumed Abstinence decrease
Shark Unknown Unknown
Snake Unknown Unknown

Known valid combinationsEdit


Stat increases

Stat decreases

Bird/Snake Unknown Unknown
Fox/Rabbit Speed Abstinence(--)