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C-AT is a Corrupted Test Subject and Playable Character. He is a little bit on the pudgy side, and has one white eye one black.

He also has icy blue markings on his face and chest currently. This is not a result of previous staff ranking; rather it is the result of corrosive chemical burns shortly after his awakening.


What is evident by his status as a playable character is that he remains relatively lucid and docile even in a Corrupted state. In fact he seems averse to violence as a whole; his more cooperative nature likely being the reason he is still alive despite complications with Corruption.

Not much is known about how insane C-AT is, only that he remembers a lot of things he wishes not to discuss. His interactions with surroundings shortly following his awakening do suggest he is at least somewhat unhinged; personifying a broom and gaining an Imagination boost from donning a lab coat and a pair of glasses.

Combat RolesEdit

He has not yet gotten into combat, so little is known about how he fights if he ever had to. He is currently equipped with a makeshift Quarterstaff, originally a broom handle; at first using it to break a pane of glass to help him escape confinement in the Corrupted holding area. He is also carrying a metal mop handle but its use has not yet been demonstrated.

Interaction with other charactersEdit

Currently he has not met other Test Subjects within the story; however his status as a Corrupted would cause a significant amount of alarm in the presence of almost anyone else.