Staff reffers to any sapient organism in the facility that does tasks other than Testing. There are a variety of staff positions, all with different tasks.
Members of the Test Subject species given higher ranks display multiple body colours to differentiate from standard Test Subjects, in proportion to the height of their rank. Two colours is the basic Staff rank indicator, and numbers increase from that point.

Medical PersonnelEdit

Medical Personnel, like Testers, are Test Subjects given a higher rank. As their position suggests, they deal with medical needs of others in the facility, and act as doctors, nurses, surgeons and paramedics as the need arises.

Their codenames all begin with "MP", and are labeled "A" through "ZZZ".


"Observer" here refers to the staff position. For the species, see Observer (Species)
The Observers have a position of monitoring other test subjects or areas of importance via a set of security monitors positioned in their rooms. The exact purpose for this is unknown, but it is likely that it serves as a sort of CCTV security force, or as remote monitoring for select tests.

Their codenames all begin with "O", and are labeled 1-9 and "A" through "Z", suggesting a small number of active observers; 32 at most.

Storage AdministratorEdit

Storage Administrators man the requisition desks at the storage areas, and are responsible for pushing through item requests from visitors to the Storage Clerks that work in the rooms behind them, and are in charge of managing a group of Storage Clerks assigned to them.

Their codenames all begin with "SA". Their labels have not been confirmed, but two known Storage Admins are SAA and SAB.


Testers are members of the Test Subject species that have been given a higher rank and have a position of managing and monitoring a group of Test Subjects assigned to them.

Their codenames all begin with "T", and are labeled "A" through "ZZZ".

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