This article is about Test Subjects as a role in the facility. For the species, see Test Subjects (Species)

Test Subjects are numerous and appear to make up the majority of personnel at the facility. Their purpose is to be used in tests, though exactly what they test has not yet been made clear.

They can be identified as any Test Subject with a single solid body colour, with the exception of White and Black. White is used exclusively for Alpha Testers and those involved with Alpha Testers, while black is either the physical colour of Corrupted Test Subjects, or used to identify those meant to deal with them.

As indicated by his body colour, TS1 used to be an alpha tester with the codename ATSIE.

They are given the codename designation of "TS", and are labeled "A" through to "ZZZ".

Activation ProceduresEdit

When being brought out of their sleep state for testing, they are first awoken in a metal chair that appears to be floating in a white void. Actions by TS2 however show that this 'void' may be an illusion of some kind, as a thrown pill dispenserimpacted off an unseen object and fell to the ground below.

While in this chair the test subject is presented with gender pills. Exact numbers and presentation varies, but most subjects are at least given the opportunity to choose between either a male or female physical sex. TS1 was presented one pill of each colour on a plate, and was free to take both at once (which he did). TS2 was presented with a dispenser containing a large number of both pills, but the dispenser was presumable designed to only allow one.

After this the subject is supposed to lose consciousness; they regain consciousness in a room, with the device on their shoulders gone and their necks visible. In this room they are presented with buttons on a door to allow for breed selection. They are also usually presented with a wig by some means, and are usually presented with articles of clothing which they can wear, however there does not seem to be anything to stop them from leaving without any clothes; TS1 is currently naked except for the wig he was given, and it does not seem to be causing much reaction. Once at least one breed has been chosen, the door opens, which leads out into one of the corridors of the main facility.

At this point it is possible to meet and speak with other Test Subjects, though they are also directed by Testers that have been assigned to them, receiving orders through their personal devices.

Sleep StateEdit

When they are not being used or readied for testing they are supposedly put into an incubative state, seated in a metal chair, and lose their memory as they sleep. The details of this sleep state are not known.

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