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028 Ts2> Become accuainted with your new friend


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ETLUC (present)

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ETLUC could be described as one of the many Test Subjects in the facility, but his actual origins and purpose are currently unknown. He has a faded yellow, parchment body colour, wears graduated pink wig, and has very piercing, banded blue eyes. Each eye's band colours alternate. He is also the only known owner of an Old Device.

His actual 'age' is unknown, as there is no telling how long he was in the room that TS2 dropped into, but his wrist device is of significantly clunkier construction, and both it and the chair he was sitting on showed clear signs of rust.

Involvement with other charactersEdit

His first appearance was in a comic where TS2 apparently landed on top of him, in the room where they chose their breeds. He was initially unconscious and had a blindfold on him for an unknown reason; he was woken up within a few pages by the apparent intervention of TXX.

Initial interactions with TS2 were highly antagonistic towards him; having his head slammed into the breed selection buttons within the same page he awoke in, and later being kicked across the room when he inspected TS2 after he had passed out. He apparently punched a hole in the wall from this, and that hole allowed blood to flow in from the next room, making his hemophobia apparent. He continued to accompany TS2 for a short while and seems to have tried to offer comfort when it seemed he was unhappy, but ETLUC fled when TS2 punched a door and it opened, flooding the corridor they were standing in with blood.

His current location is unknown.



  • ETLUC's original colour in comic 28 was actually lilac; however this was changed to the current parchment yellow in the next page, and comic 28 was later edited so that he was the new colour to maintain consistency.