'Gender' can refer to two things; a character's physical sex, and their internal gender identity.


A character's internal gender is usually fixed, and is what they identify as. Identifying as either male or female is common, however there are others who identify as a mix of both, or who do not have a strong preference.


A character's sex starts out as genderless. This can be changed by the consumption of gender pills.

Pills also have secondary effects. Blue pills add one inch to a character's base height each, while pink pills each remove one inch from a character's base height. They can also have an effect on a character's statistics, similar to breed but more limited.

Typical statistical effects include;

  • Abstinence:
    • Male: Slight decrease.
    • Female: Slight increase.
    • Hermaphrodite: Large decrease

The following is a table of typical sex combinations, with physical characteristics if known.

Blue Pills >
v Pink Pills
0 1 2 3 4
0 Androgynous.
No obvious sexual characteristics.
x1 Male
Basic male characteristics.
x2 Male
Typical male; Increased muscle mass.
x3 Male
x4 Male
1 x1 Female
Basic female characteristics.
1x Hermaphrodite
Basic herm characteristics. Technically not a true hermaphrodite at this stage; they posses breasts and a feminine figure, but only posses male sex organs.
2x1 Male 3x1 Male N/A
2 x2 Female
Typical female; Increased breast size and hip width.
2x1 Female 2x Hermaphrodite
Typical hermaphrodite. Endowments are increased, and the individual also gains female sex organs at this stage.
3 x3 Female
3x1 Female N/A N/A
4 x4 Female


Green pills have been linked to Gender Fluidity in a more "physical" sense. This is often indicated with a questionmark in a circle on UI Devices, the colour of which usually indicates the gender combination.

The actual meaning of "Gender fluidity" in this role is yet to be elaborated on, but suggests the ability to morph between all the sexes, controlled or otherwise. The effects of such a potentially instable sex in constent flux is also unknown. But from the rareness of Green Pills readily available (they're often hidden), it is assumed that the product isn't suitable for everyday use like the Blue and Pink pills.

There is also a White pill that negates the effects of all gender pills, allowing you to repick your sex safely. But the appearance and location of these pills are also unknown.