Pills are any number of consumable pills found within the facility that provide mutagen effects to the test subjects.

Currently the only known varieties are Blue and Pink Gender Pills. Whether pills are found elsewhere in the facility, or whether they have other varieties or effects, has yet to be seen.

Gender PillsEdit

Though each test subject has an internal gender, they determine their physical gender by taking pills.

Blue PillsEdit

Blue pills increase the masculinity of a person, giving wider shoulders and male genitalia if not already present. They also increase the height of a person by one inch.

Pink PillsEdit

Pink pills increase the feminine traits of a person, such as wider hips and cleavage, if not already present. They also decrease the height of a person by one inch.

In at least two cases, sleeping, genderless test subjects have been presented with pills on awakening. TS1 woke to find two pills (one of each color) on a tray; TS2 found a dispenser full of pills, possibly intended to allow him to take only one.

Test subjects can take multiple pills of the same color to increase the attributes of a single gender, such as height and body shape. They can also mix both colors to become a hermaphrodite. However, taking more than four pills in total frequently results in death. Whether a character can physically survive consuming more than four is dependent on the individual. In cases where death does not occur the physical affects are often heavily disfiguring, with grossly exaggerated anatomy (particularly if the recipient is already a 4x male or female, in which case their anatomy is already greatly exaggerated to start with) and any number of sexual mutations.


There has also been rumours of a Green Pill, but it's function and existence is still unclear. It's rumoured to be found under the pill trays found beside the chair.

There's believed to be a White Pill that negates the effects of the gender pills, allowing for re-choosing of sex in a safe manner. It's assumed most MP's have a stock for emrgencies, but there are likely other places to find them throughout the facility.


Did you know?

  • Originally Neeko was going to make Pink and Blue pills white with the gender symbols on them. This was mostly in fear that others may be offended by the "Gender roles" linked to pink and blue. In the end she threw caution to the wind, because making those little symbols would make it much harder to tell what they are. That said, both versions are floating about, as MMI no doubt likes to play political correctness on the market, so the Marketable versions will both be white.
  • TS2's addiction to Pink pills suggests that there are properties to the gender pills beyond sex selection that make them favourable to subjects over the other. TS2 refuses to elaborate what it is about the pills he likes so much.