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A wiki based on the fictional World, Story and Webcomic "Project X ".

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You are Test Subject 1 .

You just woke up on a floating
chair in a totally empty space
with no recollection of who you
are. Strangely this thought
seems to comfort you.
You are rather afraid of heights
and thus the thought of looking
down upsets you greatly.
There is nothing in this space
aside from the tray floating
beside you two pills . One
baby pink , the other baby
       blue . 

What do you do?

Project X is a suggestion box based webcomic written by NeekoKarina, in which Readers can command the characters by writing comments in the style of a Command-console prompt in the webcomic's current strip.

The first page was published on the 5th September, 2011 with 125 Pages since creation.

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