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024 TS2> Wake up


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TS-2 (current)

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TS2 is a particularly aggressive subject. He has displayed nothing but violent aggression from his awakening, particularly to the unfortunate ETLUC since he woke up.

TS2 also suffers from amnesia, but still has somewhat of a clue to his surroundings. He also experiences "Flash backs" from previous tests.

His eyes are rather catlike in appearance, and he has razor sharp teeth and glowing blood. He is currently a shark and his colour is a Dark Rose. He is currently a 2xFemale and has a Green wig. His internal gender is in fact male.


TS2 is a very aggressive individual and prone to violence. This is reflected in the extreme shortness of his Anger bar. Even so, he remains capable of helping others if his mood permits, evidenced by his short (albeit highly antagonistic) interactions with ETLUC after awakening.

He has an extreme aversion to anything with a pink color. This is due in part to his addiction to pink pills, causing him to almost inevitably become female in form. Pink objects remind him of this problem, very much to his ire.


As of comic 115, most of TS2's statistics are now known through the VR stat interface; confirming his extremely high strength, among other stats. Somewhat surprisingly, his intelligence is even higher than his strength; although as TS2 does not have much of an ability for Deferred Gratification, this counts for little when he is suffering a fit of rage. When maintaining a lucid state of mind, however, his exceptional intelligence would make him both a capable engineer and even more dangerous in combat.

STR Extremely high (VR:9) Anger Very Short
SPD Average (VR:5) Happiness Average
DEF Average (VR:5) Loneliness Average
INT Extremely high (VR:10) Imagination Extremely low (VR:1)
DEX Extremely high (VR:9) Insanity Extremely Long
VIT Unknown Obedience Very Low
AUT Unknown Abstainence Very High

Interaction with other charactersEdit

The only other character he has interacted with in the story thus far was ETLUC, which has been very antagonistic on this part. ETLUC does seem to have avoided serious injury thus far, but have included having his head slammed into the breed selection buttons and being kicked across the room hard enough to put a hole in the opposite wall, causing blood from one of the adjacent rooms to rush in.