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065 TS1> Time to find a door and blow this popsicle stand. [PROMPT]


Test Subject



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2x Male

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TSBLZ is one of the many Test Subjects in the facility. He has a golden brown body colour, and currently wears a very long, brown wig. He has a Watch Device. He is rather concerned with the wellbeing of TS1 and decided to help him out for a little bit after his immediate breakdown in his presence.

He is apparently very tall for a Test Subject; his base height is 5'10", as opposed to the average of 5'5" for most Test Subjects. This makes his current height 6' due to having taken two blue pills.

Involvement with other charactersEdit

His first appearance came alongside two other unnamed NPC Test Subjects, and was the recipient of being bumped into by TS1. Initial interaction went poorly; TS1 suddenly discovering his inability to speak, panicking and dashing off down the corridor past a set of other unnamed NPCs.

Comic 116 suggests he eventually caught up to and found TS1 unconscious, subsequently carrying him to the nearby medical facilities and apparently stayed close to TS1 until he regained consciousness.

Currently he is escorting TS1 to the storage facility.