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038 ETLUC> W31C0M3 84CK, 8R0. W0U1D Y0U 83 4 D34R 4ND H31P 7H3 L4DY 0U7 1IK3 4 600D 63N713M4N?




TXX (current)

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Previous Breeds


Current Sex

Presumed 2x Male

Internal Gender

Presumed Male

TXX is a tester, and TXX has only been encountered bt TS1 via an Old Computer Console. He appears to be the Tester in charge of the Player Characters TS1 and TS2, as well as future subjects TS3 and TS4. Not much is known about him aside from this.

He also has a Character Blog in the form of a Tumblr account, which can be used by readers to ask him questions or talk to him.


Not much is known of TXX's personality as of yet. What has been seen is that he is a very arrogant individual, with perhaps something of a God Complex.

His text-based communications have this far been in "1337" speak, though he has been known to write in actual English when asked.

Involvement with other charactersEdit

TXX appears central to the activities and gathering of the Player Characters. The purpose for this is as yet unknown.

His first 'appearance' was in comic 38, where he temporarily took control of ETLUC to awaken him and set in motion his interactions with TS2.

Immediately after this, he re-awoke TS1 from his current sleeping state and directed him towards the Old Computer Console. Actual two-way communication with TS1 began in comic 43. After making TS1 aware of his stats and giving a quick briefing with the objective of finding SCIA, TS1 was sent forward in comic 48.

His contact with TS1 at that time concluded in comic 70 where he attempted to alert TS1 to the fact that he had ran past his objective in a panic; however this contact was cut short by TS1 falling unconscious.

His indirect interaction with TS2 continued in comic 72 by opening the door to allow TS2 and ETLUC to exit the breed selection room. The second and final mention of TXX at this time was comic 86, apparently frustrated at TS2 managing to open an otherwise sealed steel door and allow blood from that sealed room to flood into the corridor that TS2 and ETLUC were in. Major NPC