Test Subjects

Known test subjects:


This article is about Test Subjects as a species. For Test Subject as a role in the facility, see Category:Test Subject

Test subjects are the most common species found so far.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Test Subjects have a humanoid appearance, with varying and eye and body colours, though they all appear to be naturally hairless.

They display the ability to mutate their bodies, sometimes rather dramatically, when given a certain stimulus; Examples of this are the active components within the Pillsfound in the facility. They may also mutate and change through some other external stimuli.

Through these mutations they can take on physical traits from many different breeds, or take on various sexual characteristics. Individual personalities, though they can be affected somewhat by these mutations, generally remain based on that individual.That said, all test subjects have their own, internal gender, and many will lean more towards certain breeds and genders than others. Though their personality is also pretty set.

Mutations can also change their body colour, as evidenced by members of the species displaying multiple different body colours, which is used as something of a visual indication of rank within the facility.

General behaviorEdit

Little has been explicitly stated regarding Test Subject behaviors and thought processes as of yet.


Test subjects can become Corrupted, but little is known about this disease yet.

It is widely regarded as a serious mental disorder, however Corruption also has the physical affect of turning their body black.Fixing